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Strayt Clear Aligners OR
Strayt Night Aligners™
Orthodontist directed treatment
Premium 3-in-1 whitening system
StraytVIBES™ light and vibration therapy
Personal aligner case
First set of retainers
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 Strayt Clear Aligners OR
Strayt Night Aligners™
Orthodontist directed treatment
 Premium 3-in-1 whitening system
StraytVIBES™ light and vibration therapy
 Personal aligner case
 First set of retainers
Free shipping
Strayt Smile Guarantee



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 Strayt Clear Aligners OR
Strayt Night Aligners™
 Orthodontist directed treatment
 Premium 3-in-1 whitening system
StraytVIBES™ light and vibration therapy
Personal aligner case
First set of retainers
Free shipping
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What's included?

Included with your 
Strayt Clear Aligner kit:

 Customized treatment plan directed by a Board Certified Orthodontist.  
Advanced-technology custom aligners made from BPA and phthalate free thermoplastic. Perfectly fitted for exceptional results and comfort. First set of retainers included.
WhiteFoam™ 3-in-1 foam. Gently whitens teeth. Keeps the aligners clean and clear. Freshens breath.
Faster and more comfortable  tooth movement and whitening with StraytVIBES™ light and vibration therapy device.
Strayt Night Aligners
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Faster and more comfortable tooth movement

StraytVIBES™ is a light and vibration therapy device. It makes tooth movement and whitening faster and more comfortable. The 5 minute high-frequency vibration cycle gently stimulates tooth movement. An anti-inflammatory red light during the HFV cycle helps to alleviate tenderness. After the vibration cycle is complete, a 10 minute blue light cycle helps to accelerate whitening results. 

All of the benefits. None of the cost.

Similar high-frequency vibration orthodontic devices that don't include light therapy sell for $599. You can get StraytVIBES™ absolutely free with your clear aligner treatment when you order an impression kit today

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Strayt Clear Aligners 

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Q: How does it work?

We'll mail you an impression kit and instructions so you can make a perfect model of your teeth. Return it us using the prepaid shipping envelope provided. From there, our orthodontic team will design a treatment plan customized to your treatment goals and your face shape. Your clear aligners will be delivered right to your door in about 2 weeks.

Q: Is the impression process easy?

It isn't that complicated, but it can be challenging if you haven't done it before. That's why we send you two kits - just in case you need a do over. It's a good idea to read the instructions a couple of times before you start and then follow the instructions exactly. Give us a call if you aren't sure about something. 

Q: Is shipping included?

Sure is. We cover the shipping to you and the return shipping of your completed impressions to our lab.

Q: How long does it take?

Each impression you make is going to take about 5 minutes. One minute to mix the putty, another minute to roll the putty and place it in the tray then put the tray in your mouth, and three minutes for the putty to set inside your mouth. You'll take a minimum of two impressions (1 upper and 1 lower) but there's a chance you'll need a second attempt on one of both of them. Plan for at least 20 minutes altogether to give yourself enough time to read the instructions thoroughly before making the impressions. 

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my impression?

Brush (and preferably floss) your teeth and thoroughly wash your hands. You'll need to have a mirror and a timer too. 

Q: Are self-impressions accurate?

There are thousands of people that have experienced excellent teeth straightening results after beginning the process with self-made impressions. There are also plenty of people that aren't able to produce a viable impression on their own. If you have a choice, we would definitely recommend a digital scan over self-impressions. 

Q: What if the impression tray doesn't fit?

Your impression kit will come with trays that fit most adult mouths. But some patients require a larger tray, or a smaller tray. If that's you, email us at [email protected] and we'll get the right size of tray out to you ASAP.