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A teledentistry platform built on technology and efficiency.

Mobile Intraoral Scanning

Strayt technicians are equipped with state of the art scan equipment for a more comfortable and more convenient scan experience.

Radiation Free

Our scanners do not emit any radiation. Instead, they take thousands of high-resolution images per minute.

Dual Cameras

Unlike others, our scanners have two cameras. Dual cameras allow for better depth detection which results in a quicker, smoother scan experience and more accurate scan results.


Accurate to 21µm (microns) on a full arch scan. A micron is one millionth of a meter, or 0.00004 inches. By comparison, a human hair is about 75µm.


When you are taking thousands of high-resolution images, you need a lot of processing power to accurately mesh them together into an accurate digital model in real time. We pair our scanners with cutting-edge, high-end laptops with serious computing power so that your scan renders in real time, uninterrupted.


Small scan tips ensure the scan experience is comfortable for the patient. 

Treatment Design Software

State of the art software tools that help our orthodontists to design better treatment plans

This is where the magic happens. Our cutting edge software tools allow our orthodontists to design movements that meet patient objectives and are optimized for the best patient outcomes. Parameters including tooth movement rates, arch symmetry, tooth collision, occlusion (bite), and others, are all within the framework of the software to ensure movements are realistic and appropriately conservative.

The technical design is performed with orthodontic oversight. But we don’t stop there. As an additional check and balance, each case is scrutinized by a different orthodontist before it is presented to the treating doctor for final approval.

Smile Design App

A convenient, interactive app to let you see what your smile will look like from every angle

After your treatment has been designed, scrutinized, and approved by our expert orthodontists, it is ready to be approved by the single most important person in the entire process…you! 

Our convenient viewer app helps you visualize the path from where your smile is to where you want it to be. The interactive functionality lets you look at your teeth from every angle at every stage of the process. We send a link directly to you via text and/or email. It’s that easy. Isn’t technology great?

Go ahead and play around with the example smile design app to see how easy it really is. 

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Our 100% electric vehicles aren’t just for looks

Our fleet of fully-electric vehicles has a very important role in our company mission. Our mission is to expand access to affordable orthodontic care. A key component of expanding access is the convenience of the mobile scan consultation. 

Your time is valuable. We don’t want you to have to spend it battling traffic to get to your scan appointment. Instead, our scan technicians come to you. EV access to HOV lanes means that we’re able to bypass traffic and be at our appointments on time. 

We are also committed to the environment. An EV fleet minimizes our carbon footprint. Finally, our high-tech EVs have on board tracking technologies that help us to ensure the safety of our scan technicians. 


Systems that ensure the health and safety of patients AND employees

Scan Safety

A scan experience should be comfortable for both the patient and the technician

Patient Safety

The radiation free scan is completely safe for the patient. Our technicians are trained to create and maintain sterile field while conducting the scans. We utilize either disposal scan tips (one time use) or autoclavable tips. Autoclaving is a sterilization process that uses heat and pressure to sterilize medical and dental instruments. If you don’t see your scan technician take the tip out of sterile packaging, feel free to ask them to use a different tip.

Our background checked scan technicians have extensive training in both scan strategy and best practices for sterile field maintenance.

Scan Consultant Safety

Our hyper-focus on safety extends to our scan consultants too: 

  • We empower our scan consultants not to enter a home or a business if there is anything in the environment that causes them to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. 
  • Consultants are equipped with location tracking technologies on their vehicles and their person. 
  • Though we don’t charge anything for the scan consultation, we do require payment information to confirm the appointment. The primary reason for this is the safety of our consultants. 
  • We have other measures that we implement to ensure the safety of our consultants. We don’t publish these measures in public forum to preserve their effectiveness. 
Scan at work

Treatment Safety

How we go above and beyond to ensure excellent patient outcomes

Clear aligner technology administered through atele-dentistry (from home) platform is disrupting the orthodontic industry. This disruption has resulted in misinformation and propaganda surrounding the efficacy of the treatment model. 

Let us set the record Strayt:

  • You should have your dentist check the health of your teeth before beginning aligner therapy. Teeth need to be healthy enough to be moved for any type of orthodontic treatment.
  • The treatment design process and aligner manufacturing processes are the same for both in-office and at-home treatment models. The treating doctor submits a model of the teeth (either digital or physical) to the laboratory along with treatment instructions. The treatment design is completed inside a software program that has built-in parameters for how the teeth can safely be moved. 
  • The most important variable in a successful patient outcome is how well the patient follows the instructions for wearing their aligners. Most problems originate with the patient failing to follow wearing instructions. This is true for both in-office cases and at-home cases.
  • The primary difference between the two models is the time and cost associated with the office visits. Dental and orthodontic offices have a lot of overhead; real estate, student loans, skilled labor, expensive equipment, etc. The doctor has limited time and needs to be well-compensated for that time in order to cover these other costs.

Strayt cases are reviewed twice by orthodontists before the state licensed treating doctor gives them final approval. These redundancies help to ensure total patient safety and excellent patient outcomes. 

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